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Electrical Contacts For Low Voltage

:: silver cadmium oxide contacts - MODURIT 10 / 12 / 15 ZH ::

MODISON offers a complete range of Silver Cadmium Oxide Contacts in diverse forms manufactured by Internal Oxidation as well as Powder Metallurgy to meet customer’s specific requirement. These contact materials have high resistance to contact welding and arc erosion with low contact resistance.

MODURIT ZH : Produced by Internal Oxidation of sliver and cadmium alloy from one side. Under high temperature & pressure, oxygen diffuses and oxidizes the cadmium. CdO particles precipitate in silver matrix. CdO particles at the surface are very fine and the particle size increases gradually and is coarse towards the end. This material has excellent homogeneity without any depletion zone. CdO free backing AgCd layer (10 to 30% of the thickness) is available which has 100% bond with AgCdO top layer by use of special Internal Oxidation process.

MODISON started production of this material under Licence from DODUCO GmbH, Germany with whom we had technical collaboration from 1983 till 1996.

Material Process Forms of Delivery Contact Properties & Applications Metalurgical Properties
10/12 ZH
Internal oxidation of sheets from one side. Plates, strips, wires, tips, toplay and stamped parts, large brazed rivets.

Also available with additional clad braze back.
Standard material for small and mid size contactors, control switches and railway switchgear.

These have good arc moving properties.
Homogenous fine grains with oxidation of min. 2/3rd of total thickness, no CdO depleted zone, solderable backing of AgCd alloy.
15 ZH
Higher welding resistivity and excellent arc moving properties. Suitable for Large switches and contactors. Homogenous fine grains with oxidation min. 2/3 of total thickness, no depletion area, solderable backing of AgCd alloy but less ductile.
Material Name Types of Oxide (Main Content) Oxide Content (Wt. %) Silver Content (Wt. %) Density (g/cm³.) Electrical Conductivity
m/mm² %I.A.C.S
Hardness HV 10 (Soft Cond.) Metal Oxide Thickness (% of Total Thickness)
MODURIT 10 ZH Cd 0 10 90 10.2
49 84
65 70 - 90
MODURIT 12 ZH Cd 0 12 88 10.1
48 83
65 70 - 90
MODURIT 15 ZH Cd 0 15 85 10.1
44 76
75 70 - 90

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