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Rivets - Solid / Bimetal Contacts – CLADCON

MML CLADCON Bimetal Contact
Compares with solid contact except in price

In CLADCON, a layer of silver alloy forms the contact surface. The rest of the head and the shank are made of copper.


  • Contact surface layer and backing metal are bonded metallurgically. This ensures the electrical and mechanical properties of CLADCON are as good as solid contacts.
  • Electrolytic Copper provides better thermal and electrical conductivity then silver alloy and copper shank in CLADCON ensures longer life.
  • With increasing silver prices, lower silver content of CLADCON allows choice of larger contact than with solid silver contact to get better current rating.


  • Contact layer is normally half the thickness of the head. To suit specific requirements, variation on this ratio is possible within practical limits.
  • Contact layer can be made of silver alloys like AgCu3%, AgCu8%, AgNi10% AgCd10% AgCdO 10% Variation of this alloys can also be offered.
  • Contacts can be silver plated if required.


We hold stock of CLADCON as per standard dimensions shown overleaf to facilitate production planning and reduce inventory cost. For contacts of other materials and sizes we offer short deliveries as we have modern high speed manufacturing machinery.

Bimetal Contact