Low Voltage Electrical Contacts

Button Contacts – Silver / Steel / Ni / Cupro Nickel Backed Contacts

MODISON, the trusted name for electrical contacts since last three decades, also offers button contacts, most suitable for thermostats, thermal protectors, relays, sensors, circuit breakers, switches, motor protectors etc.


Modison Button Contact has facing of silver with base made up of steel or cupro-nickel. The contacts are specially processed to make the silver facing hard and wear resistant. The steel or cupro-nickel base makes it easier for welding of these contacts on different types of contact carrier.


The button contacts are provided with welding projection for easier welding which enables welding even on a thin base support.

Modison button contacts are available in various sizes, as per the requirement. Most common sizes are 4 mm and 4.75 mm diameter


  • It’s cost effective – Silver is used only at the contact area with a minimum thickness.
  • It’s smaller in size, without compromising the electrical rating.
  • It’s minimizes the number of components in the assembly.
  • It’s long lasting due to greater electrical capacity.
Button Contacts – Steel / Ni / Cupro Nickel Backed Contacts

Modison, an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, maintains highest level of quality checks and systematic approach at every stage to ensure conformance to specifications. Our customers are therefore assured of complete satisfaction while dealing with us.