Low Voltage Electrical Contacts

Fine Silver - Powder / Granules

Fine Silver - Powder / Granules

In recent time’s metallic powder have become one of the important ingredients of the present-day metallurgy giving impetus to the cost-effective technology of powder metallurgy (PM). Undoubtedly pure fine metallic powders are the backbone of this technology. Nobel metals powders like silver powder are finding importance for their innumerable advantages and applications. Modison made silver powders find their use in electrical contacts manufactured by PM, electrically conductive paste, solid oxide fuel cells, chemicals catalysts, etc. Which are based on the size and shape of the powder particles. The size and shape of the particles depend on the method of manufacturing.

Modison manufactures high purity (>99.9%) silver powder by three processes namely atomization, Copper Cementation and chemical reduction. The shape and the size distribution of the powder particles prepared are as given in the table below.

Technical Specifications

Mfg. Process Brand Purity (%) Shape Avg. Particle Size Size distribution (μm)
D(0.1) D(0.5) D(0.9)
Atomized ATO >99.9 Spherical 20-30 10-15 30-40 60-75
Copper Cementation CCE >99.9 Random 7-15 4-8 10-15 20-30
Copper Reduction CHR >99.9 Random 3-5 1.5-2.5 5-7 15-17