Low Voltage Electrical Contacts

Silver Brazing Alloy

Silver Brazing Alloy are available as per ISI specification or to Customer specification in the form of Wires, Strips and Foils in an excellent finish, homogeneous quality and free form detrimental defects to use for diversified engineering applications.

Name the Application, we have a ready Argent to give you strong ductile joints at Low working temperatures with rapid joint penetration almost for any combination of metals.

Available in packs of 5, 1 & 0.5 kgs.

Each pack is labelled to indicate Kind, Shape & Size, Nett weight and Manufacturing Batch No. & date An identification colour band is also affixed on each package.

  • Argent 62Green
  • Argent 44Brown
  • Argent 2Red
  • Argent 51Blue
  • Argent 44ABlack
  • Argent 15Yellow

While ordering please specify:

  • Argent reference no.
  • Application
  • Packing required