Low Voltage Electrical Contacts

Silver Graphite


Electrical contact materials consist almost entirely of silver, silver alloys and powder metallurgy sintered combinations. PM Facilitates the combination of silver, copper with other metals which cannot be achieved by alloying. When Ag is combined with non-alloying metals by PM the ensuring combination has the characteristics of both the combining metals. The electrical conductivity of the combinations is moderately less than of the pure silver.

The most frequently used silver combinations are silver tungsten (AgW) and silver graphite (AgC) systems. Among these the silver graphite combinations with graphite ranging from 2%-6% are popularly being used in low voltage switches and molded case circuit breaker contact systems. The graphite in the orientations of graphite particles various combinations of silver-graphite are possible.

Modison manufactures varied range of AgC with graphite ranging from 2%-6% in the form of tips and profiles.

Technical Specifications

Composition (%) Brand Mfg. Process Graphite (%) Dencity (g/cc) Hardness (HV) Electrical Conductivity (%IACS)
AgC2 SILGRPIT2V Extruded & Cut 2 9.4 42 90
AgC3 SILGRPIT3V 3 9.1 40 86
AgC4 SILGRPIT4V 4 8.8 38 84
AgC5 SILGRPIT5V 5 8.6 36 76
AgC2 SILGRPIT2 Extruded & Blanked 2 9.4 42 90
AgC3 SILGRPIT3 3 9.1 40 86
AgC4 SILGRPIT4 4 8.8 38 84
AgC5 SILGRPIT5 5 8.6 36 76

Note: Other than the above combinations Modison can also manufacture AgC with graphite flakes ranging from 20μm - 100μm length with Ag/AgNi layer.