Low Voltage Electrical Contacts

Silver Inlay / Edgelay / Overlay / Through Lay / Toplay in Copper / Brass


As the name implies, is a combination of two metals – a precious contact metal bonded to a suitable backing metal. Bi-metals are designed to effect economy by way of reduction in use of precious metals like Silver. Generally, Silver or an alloy of Silver forms the contact material while Copper/ Brass are the most commonly used Backing materials. The bond between contacts and Backing materials is mechanically and Thermally sound.

Bi-Metals are available in various forms and mostly of Contact material inlaid where required, or with one or both sides completely faced with Contact material.

MML Bi-Metal

strips are available in widths up to 150mm and in total thickness starting from 0.2mm onwards. Normally, Contact material thickness is 25% 30% or 50% of the total strip thickness. However Contact materials thickness ranging from 3% to 50% of the total strip thickness can be provided.

Bimetal can also be available in the form of either edgelay or through lay. It is also possible to have an arrangement of several strips of different width. Edgelay and Through lay Contact Bimetals are suitable for manufacture of contacts for micro switches, MCB’s etc.

Material in strips having thickness of 1.2mm and below is normally supplied in coils, while material in higher strip thickness is always supplied flat.

Apart form Bi-Metal strips, finished Bi-Metal contacts can also be press formed and supplied against specific orders.