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Eutectic Brazing Alloys

For Vacuum Applications

Modison offer Silver Copper-Eutectic Brazing Alloys for high temperature brazing for Vacuum applications. These alloys are manufactured using State of the Art Vacuum melting Furnace and can be supplied in the form of Wire rings, Washers, Shims Foils, special shapes. Every productions batch is thoroughly tested in our well-equipped Laboratory for all critical aspects.

Technical Specifications

Available Alloys
Designation Nominal Composition by Weight Melting Range Working Temperature* Characteristics
Ag Cu Other °C °F °C °F
Argent 72 72 28 - 780 1436 780 1436 Eutectic all-purpose brazing alloy. Wets most metals and metals alloys. Superb Spreading even in very narrow brazing gaps.
Argent 71 Ni 71.3 28 Ni 0.7 795 1463 795 1463 Higher strength than Argent 72

The compositions listed above represents the more commonly used brazing alloys.
In addition, we will custom produce alloys with other compositions for our clients' special applications.