Copper And Its Properties

Copper And Its Properties

Copper is a kind of non-ferrous metal which has long been closely connected to human beings. Not only are there abundant resources in nature, but copper also possesses excellent properties. Therefore, it is widely used in electrical power, electronics, energy, petrochemicals, transportation, machinery, metallurgy, light and other new industries and some high-tech fields.

In this article, we look at the other properties:

  • Good electrical conductor
  • Good thermal conductor
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Antibacterial
  • Easily joined
  • Ductile and tough
  • Non-magnetic
  • Easy to alloy and recyclable
  • Catalytic

Modison Copper Private Limited offers a one stop solution for all your copper and copper alloys requirements right from melting and extrusion to the final machining of the same. The company offers a complete range of current carrying main contacts, manufactured as per customer’s drawings & specifications in copper/OFC, copper chromium, copper chromium zirconium, silver bronze, silver bearing copper, cuZr etc.
Plant is well equipped with CNC Turning and Machining Centres having full fledged in-house facility for full/ selective silver plating up to 100µm thickness. Silver plating can also be done selectively only on functional area as per customers requirement. All facilities under one roof help in quick delivery of parts ready-to-assemble on the breaker pole.
Essentially non arcing contacts are made of CuCr/CuCrZr to carry current. They are generally silver plated on the legging of contact to avoid oxidation and current carrying part. Copper is preferred because of its electrical conductivity.




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