Electron Beam Welding Applications & Advantages

Electron Beam Welding Applications & Advantages

What is Electron Beam Welding? 

Electron beam welding (EB Welding) is a process that uses a beam of high-velocity electrons to produce a weld. The work-piece melt as the kinetic energy of the electrons is transformed into heat upon impact. The electron beam welding process is well-positioned to provide industries with highest quality welds and machine designs that have proven to be adaptable to specific welding tasks and production environments.

Industries that use electron beam welding  are Aerospace & Defense
Automotive, Energy, Fiber Optics, Fuel Cell, Medical, Microelectronics, Microwave, Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Sensors, Commercial / Other, Stamping.

What Are The Advantages ?

  • It can weld both similar and dissimilar metals
  • Low operating cost because no filler material and flux are used
  • It provides high metal joining rate
  • It can be used to weld hard materials
  • It provides a high finish welding surface
  • Less welding defects occur due to the complete process carried out in vacuum

Modison is one of the very few companies that can offer in-house electron beam welding applications along with a full range other electrical contacts. Modison offers fully- CNC or manual electron beam manufacturing for delicate parts. Modison Group has plants at two locations in Western India at Vapi and Silvassa, employing more than 495 people.

It is the only company globally manufacturing electrical contact materials and finished contacts for Low, Medium, High & Extra High Voltage switchgear industry.
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