G. L. Modi Founder Of Modison Metals Ltd.

G. L. Modi Founder Of Modison Metals Ltd.

G. L. Modi is an exemplary businessman. A powerful pioneer, Modi was the first Indian businessman to manufacture high-voltage electrical contacts locally. He is also known to set a new standard for silver exports. Despite the usual highs and lows in his long-struggling journey, G. L. Modi never stopped exploring new things. He always lived by his motto –“never say die and always stay one step ahead of the industry”.

G. L. Modi spotted an opportunity in every challenge and made waves in the electrical contacts industry. When Modi earned his Electrical Engineering degree, his family was trading in silver “for speculation only, not physically”. So in 1974, when the Indira Gandhi government allowed the export of silver, a young Modi decided to pitch in.  He invested a certain amount and set up a silver refinery in Mumbai.  Although he had little money, his outlook was big. Moreover it was a one-man show. But within a few months, he became the biggest exporter of silver in the country.

This was just the beginning. He was only refining silver, not mining it, and he often wondered what would happen if there were problems in supply. Falling back on his formal training, the young electrical engineer diversified into manufacturing silver alloy wires, plates, strips, and other contacts for the switchgear industry. With yet another investment Modi then gave birth to his business Modison Metals Ltd!.

Today Modison is a well known electrical contact manufacturer in India. The team is passionate about quality and believes in providing the best of the best high grade engineered products to customers. This vision unites the team each day and is the hallmark of customer-driven culture.

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