Modison Strongly Believes In Social Responsibility

Modison Strongly Believes In Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a kind of corporate self-regulation whereby an organization or a company does take some social responsibility to help the community. According to CSR a business needs to contribute towards the society by incorporating various legal, social, and environmental activities in its operations and culture. And as Mahatma Gandhi says “Wealth created by the society has to be poured back into the society”.

Modison – an electrical contact manufacturer in India strongly believes in giving back to the society by making a small change for the better. For several years, Modison has supported various social causes, extended medical aid to the needy and even contributed significantly to the hospitals. Scholarships have been given out to deserving candidates to help them progress and to see them through initial limitations of progress.

The group has also committed to fight TB by donating towards the treatment and beds of 5 underprivileged people every year in this hospital in Sikar, Rajasthan.

About Modison

Modison manufactures electrical contacts for Low, Medium and High voltage switchgear industries under one roof – Global Contact Technology. Thoughtful engineering and tool design, innovative manufacturing, and process sustainability are Modison’s core competencies.

At Modison, the products are designed with precision in order to meet the global standards of quality. The operational facility is upgraded on a regular basis, in order to maximize the reach in the market and boost productivity. Further, by following the right work ethics, the team has successfully gained a huge and highly reputed client base.

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