Silver Cadmium Oxide Contacts By Modison

Silver Cadmium Oxide Contacts By Modison

Silver electrical contacts have undergone various developments over the years, such as with refractory metal contacts, which contain silver alloy. The most common examples are silver-cadmium oxide (Ag-CdO) and silver-tin oxide (Ag-SnO2). Read on to learn more about these 2versatile substances and why they’re used.

Why There Is a Demand for Silver Cadmium?

Silver cadmium contacts and other components are used in electrical devices because they possess two contradictory traits. First, they are excellent conductors of electricity. Second, they are also arc-resistant, which mean that they inhibit the tendency of electricity to arc between open contacts and cause fires. Those two traits make alloys of cadmium and silver ideal for use in switches and other applications, especially where high electrical loads are present.

Amount of Cadmium Present in Silver Cadmium Components

The amount of cadmium varies. Silver cadmium alloys typically contain between 10% and 25% cadmium.

Modison is one such company that offers a complete range of silver cadmium oxide contacts in diverse forms manufactured by Internal Oxidation as well as Powder Metallurgy to meet customer’s specific requirements. These contact materials have high resistance to contact welding and arc erosion with low contact resistance.

The offered range of products is processed under the guidance of skilled team of professionals using the latest processing techniques. Further, the produced products are stringently tested on various parameters to avoid any kind of discrepancy in offered products.




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