Silver Cadmium Oxide Electrical Contact

Silver Cadmium Oxide Electrical Contact

For many years silver cadmium oxide (AgCdO) has been the preferred material for electrical contacts used in different low-tension devices of contactors type due to its outstanding functional properties: high electrical and thermal conductivities, high resistance to arcing, high welding adhesion resistance, low contact resistance, high hardness and strength and thus low erosion both in make and brake operations.

The two most common routes for production of silver cadmium oxide contact materials are based on powder metallurgy methods (PM) and internal oxidation (IO) of Ag-Cd alloys. The goal of optimization of process parameters for the both production methods is obtaining of good and homogeneous oxide dispersion within the silver matrix, since it is known that anti-welding behaviour and wear resistance can be improved by uniform dispersion of the metal oxide particles in soft silver matrix.
Electrical contacts based on silver cadmium oxide contact (AgCdO) are less plastic (higher hardness) comparing to Ag-Cd alloy. Hardness of oxidized layer of alloy is not the same on the whole profile. It is the highest on the surface, and it decreases with increase of distance from the surface.

Modison is one such leading exporter and manufacturer of electrical contact in India that finds wide application in several industries, and also offers precious metal recovery services, like assaying of silver.
Modison offers a complete range of Silver Cadmium Oxide Contacts in diverse forms manufactured by internal oxidation as well as powder metallurgy to meet customer’s specific requirement. These contact materials have high resistance to contact welding and arc erosion with low contact resistance.




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