Silver Tungsten Contacts – Properties, Benefits & Applications

Silver Tungsten Contacts – Properties, Benefits & Applications

Silver tungsten material has good welding and corrosion resistance; it is widely used in industrial and domestic circuit breakers. Various types of silver-tungsten provide higher silver with higher electrical conductivity, and higher tungsten makes it more aggressive and efficient.

Silver tungsten material is widely used in the fields of aerospace, aviation, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment and so on. It is widely used in high temperature resistant materials, high voltage switchgear alloy, electrodeposited electrodes and microelectronic materials.

Different silver tungsten has different properties, such as AgW50 not only has good conductivity and good processing properties, but also has the characteristics of high melting point, high hardness, and good resistance to arc erosion, welding performance, low material transfer. The biggest feature of silver tungsten is its strong resistance to high current arc.
Modison is the only company globally manufacturing electrical contact materials and finished contacts for Low, Medium, High & Extra High Voltage switchgear industry. The company also manufactures products for prestigious sectors like Automotive, Engineering, Aerospace, Marine, Defense & Railways.

The manufacturing setup starts from refining to finished products like Silver & Silver Alloys / Products – AgCdO ZH, AgCdO PM, AgNi, AgSnO2, AgW, CuW, AgWC, AgC, Ag2O, AgCl, Ag2So4, AgNo3, Ag Anode, Ag Powders, Eutectic Brazing Alloys, Ag Bullion, Sterling Silver Cutlery, Ag Brazing Alloys, Ag Alloy wire, Bimetal Contacts, Button Contacts, Bimetal Inlays / Strips, Silver Brazed Assembly, Welded Contact Assemblies & High Performance Copper Alloys / Products – CuCr, CuZr, CuCrZr, CuNi, CuNi2Si, CuBe, CuTe, CuCd, AgCu, OFC, Cu-HCP & Cu-ETP in various forms like Rods, Flats, Profiles, Disc, Tubes, Short Circuit Rings and Rotor Bars. EHV/SF6 Contacts with Electron Beam Welded Cu/CuCr/CuCrZr base body duly silver plated as required, Non-arcing Contacts of Cu/CuCr/CuCrZr duly silver plated. All products are 100% made as per customer drawings and specification.

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